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64-01-01. Dry measure.

The standard measure of capacity for commodities sold by dry measure shall be the bushel containing two thousand one hundred fifty and forty-two hundredths cubic inches [35239.07 milliliters]. The half bushel, peck, half peck, quarter peck, quart, and pint shall be derived by successively dividing that measure by two.


64-01-02. Liquid measure.

The standard measure of a capacity for liquids shall be the wine gallon containing two hundred thirty-one cubic inches [3785.41 milliliters]. A barrel shall contain thirty-one and fifty hundredths gallons [119.24 liters] and a hogshead shall contain sixty-three gallons [238.48 liters].


64-01-03. Lineal measure.

The standard measure of length, from which all other measures of extension, lineal, superficial, or solid shall be derived, is the yard of three feet or thirty-six inches [914.40 millimeters].


64-01-04. Hundredweight.

In contracts for the sale of goods or commodities, the term “hundredweight” shall mean one hundred pounds avoirdupois [45.36 kilograms].


64-01-05. Standard weight of bushel.

In contracts for the sale or storage of any of the following articles, the term “bushel” shall mean the number of pounds avoirdupois herein stated:

1. Alfalfa, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

2. Apples, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

3. Apples, dried, twenty-eight pounds [12.70 kilograms].

4. Barley, forty-eight pounds [21.77 kilograms].

5. Beans, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

6. Beans, white runner pole, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

7. Beans, broad windsor, forty-seven pounds [21.32 kilograms].

8. Beans, lima, fifty-five pounds [20.41 kilograms].

9. Blue grass seed, fourteen pounds [6.35 kilograms].

10. Bran, twenty pounds [9.07 kilograms].

11. Beets, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

12. Buckwheat, forty-two pounds [19.05 kilograms].

13. Broom corn seed, thirty pounds [13.61 kilograms].

14. Bromus inermis, fourteen pounds [6.35 kilograms].

15. Corn, shelled, fifty-six pounds [25.40 kilograms].

16. Corn, sweet, forty-eight pounds [21.77 kilograms].

17. Corn, in the ear, seventy pounds [31.75 kilograms].

18. Clover seed, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

19. Coal, stone, eighty pounds [36.29 kilograms].

20. Chestnuts, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

21. Cucumbers, forty-eight pounds [21.77 kilograms].

22. Carrots, forty-five pounds [20.41 kilograms].

23. Cranberries, thirty-six pounds [16.33 kilograms].

24. Flaxseed, fifty-six pounds [25.40 kilograms].

25. Hempseed, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

26. Hickory nuts, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

27. Hungarian grass seed, forty-eight pounds [21.77 kilograms].

28. Lime, eighty pounds [36.29 kilograms].

29. Millet, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

30. Oats, thirty-two pounds [14.51 kilograms].

31. Onions, fifty-two pounds [23.59 kilograms].

32. Onions, bottom sets, thirty-two pounds [14.51 kilograms].

33. Onions, top sets, twenty-eight pounds [12.70 kilograms].

34. Orchard grass seed, fourteen pounds [6.35 kilograms].

35. Potatoes, sweet, forty-six pounds [20.87 kilograms].

36. Potatoes, Irish, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

37. Peas, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

38. Peanuts, twenty-two pounds [9.98 kilograms].

39. Peaches, dried, twenty-eight pounds [12.70 kilograms].

40. Pears, forty-five pounds [20.41 kilograms].

41. Parsnips, forty-two pounds [19.05 kilograms].

42. Plastering hair, unwashed, eight pounds [3.63 kilograms].

43. Plastering hair, washed, four pounds [1.81 kilograms].

44. Rye, fifty-six pounds [25.40 kilograms].

45. Rapeseed, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

46. Rutabagas, fifty-two pounds [23.59 kilograms].

47. Rhubarb, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

48. Salt, eighty pounds [36.29 kilograms].

49. Speltz, forty pounds [18.14 kilograms].

50. Sorghum seed, fifty-seven pounds [25.85 kilograms].

51. Sunflowers, twenty-five pounds [11.34 kilograms].

52. Turnips, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

53. Timothy seed, forty-five pounds [20.41 kilograms].

54. Tomatoes, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].

55. Wheat, sixty pounds [27.22 kilograms].

56. Walnuts, fifty pounds [22.68 kilograms].


64-01-06. Ton of hay - Cubic measure.

By weight a ton of hay shall consist of two thousand pounds [907.18 kilograms], and by measurement, of three hundred and forty-three cubic feet [9.71 cubic meters] after the same shall have been stacked thirty days or such other time as may be agreed upon between the parties.


64-01-07. Standard measurement of wood.

In all contracts for the sale of wood, the term “cord” shall mean one hundred twenty-eight cubic feet [3.62 cubic meters] of wood, in four-foot [1.22-meter] lengths. If the sale is of “sawed wood”, a cord shall mean one hundred ten cubic feet [3.11 cubic meters] when ranked, or one hundred sixty cubic feet [4.53 cubic meters] when thrown irregularly or loosely into a conveyance for delivery to the purchaser. If the sale is of “sawed and split” wood, a cord shall mean one hundred twenty cubic feet [3.39 cubic meters] when ranked and one hundred seventy-five cubic feet [4.96 cubic meters] when thrown irregularly and loosely into a conveyance for delivery.


64-01-08. Standard weight of coal, charcoal, and ice.

In all contracts for the sale of coal, charcoal, and ice, the term “ton” shall mean two thousand pounds [907.18 kilograms]. A sale of coal, charcoal, or ice in any manner except by weight is prohibited.


64-01-09. Standard weight of flour.

In all contracts for the sale of flour, the term “barrel” shall mean one hundred ninety-six net pounds avoirdupois [88.90 kilograms].


64-01-10. Perch of stone.

A perch of mason work or stone shall consist of twenty-five feet, cubic measure [.71 cubic meter].


64-01-11. Fractional parts of weights and measures.

All contracts for the sale of a fractional part of a bushel, barrel, ton, or cord of any article or commodity on which the legal weight or measurement per bushel, barrel, ton, cord, gallon, or fractional part has been established, shall require and mean a like fractional part of the legal and established weight or measurement per bushel, barrel, ton, or cord.


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