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Title 51 Sales and Exchanges

51-01. Uniform Sales Act [Repealed]

51-02. Bulk Sales Law [Repealed]

51-03. Hawkers and Peddlers [Repealed]

51-04. Transient Merchants

51-05. Auctioneers and Auction Sales [Repealed]

51-05.1. Auctioneers' and Clerks' Licenses

51-06. Trading Stamps and Devices

51-07. Miscellaneous Provisions

51-08. Pools and Trusts [Repealed]

51-08.1. Uniform State Antitrust Act

51-09. Unfair Discrimination

51-10. Unfair Trade Practices Law

51-11. Fair Trade Law [Repealed]

51-12. False Advertising

51-13. Retail Installment Sales Act

51-14. Revolving Charge Accounts

51-14.1. Credit Cards

51-15. Unlawful Sales or Advertising Practices

51-16. Multilevel Distributorships and Chain Sales Schemes [Repealed]

51-16.1. Pyramid Promotional and Referral Sales Schemes

51-17. Sale of Checks Act [Repealed]

51-17.1. Currency Exchange Businesses

51-18. Regulation of Home Solicitation Sales

51-19. Franchise Investment Law

51-20. Recreation Vehicle Franchises

51-20.1. Heavy Construction Equipment Franchise Termination

51-20.2. Franchise Merchandise Return

51-21. Retail Theft Act

51-22. Data Processing Information Confidentiality

51-23. Commodities Transactions

51-24. Assistive Technology Device Warranties

51-25. Tobacco Product Manufacturer Sales

51-25.1. Tobacco Product Manufacturer Requirements

51-26. Farm Equipment Nonconformity Remedies

51-27. Commercial Electronic Mail Consumer Protection

51-28. Telephone Solicitations

51-29. Gift Certificates

51-30. Notice of Security Breach for Personal Information

51-31. Identity Fraud

51-32. Remote Sales of Tobacco Products

51-33. Consumer Credit Report Security Freezes

51-34. Telephone Records Protection

51-35. Purchases by Scrap Metal Dealers

51-36. Assertion of Patent Infringement

51-37. Customer Contract Clauses and Automatic Renewals

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