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Title 50 Public Welfare

50-01. County Poor Relief, Administration

50-01.1. Multicounty Social Service Districts

50-01.2. County Social Service Boards

50-02. Residence for Poor Relief Purposes [Repealed]

50-03. County Human Services Fund [Repealed]

50-04. County Asylum for Poor [Repealed]

50-05. Habitual Drunkards - Treatment at County Expense [Repealed]

50-06. Department of Human Services

50-06.1. Vocational Rehabilitation

50-06.2. Comprehensive Human Services Programs

50-06.3. Fees and Expenses

50-06.4. Traumatic Brain Injuries

50-06.5. Independent Living Centers and Services

50-07. Old-Age Assistance [Repealed]

50-08. Aid to Needy Blind [Repealed]

50-08.1. Aid to Pregnant Women

50-09. Aid to Dependent Children

50-10. Aid to Crippled Children [Repealed]

50-10a. Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled [Repealed]

50-10.1. Long-Term Care Ombudsmen

50-10.2. Rights of Health Care Facility Residents

50-10.3. Access to Long-Term Care Facilities

50-11. Foster Care Homes for Children and Adults

50-11.1. Early Childhood Services

50-11.2. Foster Care Parent Grievance [Repealed]

50-11.3. Criminal History Record Investigation

50-12. Child-Placing Agency

50-13. Maternity Hospital [Repealed]

50-14. Abandoned Children [Repealed]

50-15. Solicitors for Benevolent Associations [Repealed]

50-16. Community Youth Council

50-17. Public Works - Contracts With Federal Government

50-18. Boarding Homes for Aged and Infirm [Repealed]

50-19. Maternity Homes

50-20. Report of Births [Repealed]

50-21. Nursing Homes and Basic Care Facilities

50-22. Charitable Organizations Soliciting Contributions

50-23. Medical Assistance for the Aged [Repealed]

50-24. Aid to Aged, Blind or Disabled Program [Repealed]

50-24.1. Medical Assistance for Needy Persons

50-24.2. Family Home Care [Repealed]

50-24.3. Preadmission Assessment of Medical Assistance Recipients

50-24.4. Nursing Home Rates

50-24.5. Aid to Aged, Blind, and Disabled Persons

50-24.6. Medical Assistance Drug Use Review and Authorization

50-24.7. Expanded Service Payments for Elderly and Disabled

50-24.8. Medicaid Fraud Control Unit

50-25. Reporting of Child Abuse or Neglect [Repealed]

50-25.1. Child Abuse and Neglect

50-25.2. Vulnerable Adult Protection Services

50-25.3. Vulnerable Adult Family Visitation Rights

50-26. Council on Human Resources [Repealed]

50-27. Children's Trust Fund

50-28. Adoption Assistance

50-29. Children's Health Insurance Program

50-30. Nursing Facility Alternative Funding

50-31. Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

50-32. Assisted Living Facilities

50-33. Child Care Assistance

50-34. State-Funded Social Services Pilot Program

50-35. State-Funded Human Services

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