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48-04-01. Joint ownership and use of public buildings and grounds - Townships - Cities - Special elections.

Any civil township and incorporated city located within the boundaries thereof, when authorized by three-fourths of the legal voters of each municipality present and voting at separate elections, may acquire and use jointly any public buildings and grounds within the corporate limits of either one. The question of such joint acquisition and use may be submitted at regular or legally called special elections of both municipalities held not more than three months apart and when once submitted may not again be submitted within one year.


48-04-02. Joint custody and control of public buildings and grounds.

Such public buildings and grounds as are provided for in section 48-04-01 shall be in the joint custody and control of the governing boards of such city and township, which shall make and enforce lawful and reasonable regulations for the care, protection, and use thereof.


48-04-03. Incurring indebtedness for payment of public buildings and grounds.

Townships or cities may incur indebtedness and may provide for the payment thereof severally, but not jointly, for the acquisition of any such public buildings and grounds in the manner provided by chapter 21-03.


48-04-04. Meetings - Held in public buildings.

All meetings and elections of the municipalities mentioned in section 48-04-01, provided by law to be held, and otherwise legally called and held, may be held in such public buildings whether wholly or partly within one or wholly or partly within the other municipality.


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