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Title 38 Mining and Gas and Oil Production

38-01. General Provisions

38-02. Lode and Mining Claims

38-03. State Coal Mine Inspector [Repealed]

38-04. Licensing Coal Mines [Repealed]

38-05. Mine Foreman Examination and Qualifications [Repealed]

38-06. Health and Safety in Mines [Repealed]

38-07. Surveys or Maps of Mines [Repealed]

38-08. Control of Gas and Oil Resources

38-08.1. Geophysical Exploration Requirements

38-09. Exploration and Production on Publicly Owned Lands

38-10. Sales and Leases by Personal Representatives

38-11. Lease of Minerals on Public Lands

38-11.1. Oil and Gas Production Damage Compensation

38-11.2. Subsurface Exploration Damages

38-12. Regulation, Development, and Production of Subsurface Minerals

38-12.1. Exploration Data

38-13. Oil and Gas Instruments - Interests of Absent Persons [Repealed]

38-13.1. Trusts for Unlocatable Mineral Owners

38-14. Reclamation of Surface-Mined Lands [Repealed]

38-14.1. Surface Mining and Reclamation Operations

38-14.2. Abandoned Surface Mine Reclamation

38-14.3. Surface Mining and Reclamation Bond Fund

38-15. Resolution of Conflicts in Subsurface Mineral Production

38-16. Surface Mining Reports

38-17. Coal Leasing Practices Act

38-18. Surface Owner Protection Act

38-18.1. Termination of Mineral Interest

38-18.2. Tenneco Plant Compact [Repealed]

38-19. Geothermal Resource Development Regulation

38-20. Interstate Mining Compact

38-21. Exploration Fund

38-22. Carbon Dioxide Underground Storage

38-23. High-Level Radioactive Waste

38-24. Underground Storage and Retrieval of Nonhydrocarbons

38-25. Underground Storage of Oil and Gas

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