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Title 37 Military

37-01. General Provisions

37-02. Organization of Militia

37-03. Adjutant General

37-04. Commissioned Officers

37-05. Property and Disbursing Officer

37-06. Paymaster General [Repealed]

37-07. Enlisted Personnel

37-07.1. National Guard Tuition Waiver Act

37-07.2. National Guard Tuition Grants

37-07.3. National Guard Training Area and Facility Trust Fund

37-08. National Guard Reserve

37-09. Military Courts

37-10. Armories

37-11. Pensions and Disability Allowances

37-12. North Dakota State Guard [Repealed]

37-12.1. State Defense Force

37-13. Veterans' Service Commissioner [Repealed]

37-14. Veterans' Relief and Rehabilitation

37-15. Veterans' Home

37-16. Records of Deceased Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines [Repealed]

37-17. Civil Defense [Repealed]

37-17.1. Emergency Services

37-17.2. National Guard Counter-Drug Activities Compact

37-17.3. State Radio Broadcasting System

37-17.4. Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act

37-17.5. Disaster or Emergency Remediation Work

37-18. Department of Veterans' Affairs

37-18.1. Administrative Committee on Veterans' Affairs

37-19. Veterans' Employment Preference [Repealed]

37-19.1. Veterans' Preferences

37-20. Scholarships to Veterans' Children [Repealed]

37-21. Veterans' Adjusted Compensation (World War II Bonus) [Omitted]

37-22. Veterans' Housing [Repealed]

37-23. Korean Conflict Veterans' Adjusted Compensation [Omitted]

37-24. Educational Assistance for Veterans [Repealed]

37-25. Vietnam Conflict Veterans' Adjusted Compensation [Repealed]

37-26. Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm Veterans' Compensation

37-27. War and Armed Conflict Veterans' Compensation

37-28. Military Operations Adjusted Compensation

37-29. Volunteer Emergency Responder Job Protection

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