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Title 26.1 Insurance

26.1-01. Insurance Commissioner

26.1-02. General Provisions

26.1-02.1. Insurance Fraud

26.1-02.2. Insurance Data Security

26.1-03. Examinations, Reports, and Tax

26.1-03.1. Risk-Based Capital Reports

26.1-03.2. Risk-Based Capital for Health Organizations

26.1-04. Prohibited Practices in Insurance Business

26.1-05. Organization and Operation of Domestic Companies

26.1-06. Takeover Bids for Domestic Companies

26.1-06.1. Insurance Company Rehabilitation and Liquidation

26.1-06.2. Administrative Supervision

26.1-07. Consolidation or Reinsurance of Domestic Companies

26.1-07.1. Jurisdiction Over Providers of Health Care Benefits

26.1-08. Comprehensive Health Association

26.1-09. Reciprocal or Interinsurance Exchanges

26.1-10. Insurance Holding Company Systems

26.1-10.1. Asset and Agreement Reports

26.1-10.2. Own Risk and Solvency Assessments

26.1-10.3. Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure

26.1-11. Foreign Insurance Companies

26.1-12. Incorporated Mutual Insurance Companies

26.1-12.1. Mutual Insurance Company Reorganization

26.1-12.2. Mutual Property and Casualty Insurance Company Conversion

26.1-13. County Mutual Insurance Companies

26.1-14. Medical Malpractice Insurance

26.1-15. Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed]

26.1-15.1. Fraternal Benefit Societies

26.1-16. Benevolent Societies

26.1-17. Nonprofit Health Service Corporations

26.1-17.1. Prepaid Limited Health Service Organizations

26.1-18. Health Maintenance Organizations [Repealed]

26.1-18.1. Health Maintenance Organizations

26.1-19. Prepaid Legal Services

26.1-20. Title Insurance Companies

26.1-20.1. Insurance Premium Finance Companies

26.1-21. State Bonding Fund

26.1-22. State Fire and Tornado Fund

26.1-22.1. Boiler Inspection [Repealed]

26.1-23. Unsatisfied Judgment Fund

26.1-23.1. Government Self-Insurance Pools

26.1-24. The Insurance Premium

26.1-25. Fire, Property, and Casualty Insurance Rates

26.1-25.1. Personal Insurance Credit Information

26.1-25.2. Personal Insurance Claims History

26.1-26. Insurance Producers and Consultants

26.1-26.1. Independent Insurance Agent Contract Termination

26.1-26.2. Insurance Broker Controlled Companies [Repealed]

26.1-26.3. Managing General Agents

26.1-26.4. Health Care Service Utilization Review

26.1-26.5. Insurance Broker Controlled Insurer

26.1-26.6. Bail Bond Agents

26.1-26.7. Portable Electronics Insurance

26.1-26.8. Public Adjusters

26.1-26.9. Self-Service Storage Insurance

26.1-27. Administrators of Life or Health Insurance or Annuities

26.1-27.1. Pharmacy Benefits Management

26.1-28. Insurance Vending Machines

26.1-29. Insurance Contracts

26.1-30. Insurance Policies

26.1-30.1. Cancellation and Nonrenewal of Commercial Insurance

26.1-31. Reinsurance and Double Insurance

26.1-31.1. Reinsurance Intermediaries

26.1-31.2. Reinsurance Credit

26.1-32. Loss and Notice of Loss

26.1-33. Life Insurance

26.1-33.1. Viatical Settlement Contracts [Repealed]

26.1-33.2. Viatical Settlement Contracts [Repealed]

26.1-33.3. Viatical Settlement Contracts [Repealed]

26.1-33.4. Life Settlements

26.1-34. Annuities

26.1-34.1. Charitable Gift Annuities

26.1-34.2. Annuity Transaction Practices

26.1-35. Standard Valuation Law

26.1-36. Accident and Health Insurance

26.1-36.1. Medicare Supplement Policies

26.1-36.2. Small Employer Employee Health Insurance Coverage [Repealed]

26.1-36.3. Small Employer Employee Health Insurance

26.1-36.4. Hospital and Medical Insurance

26.1-36.5. Health Coverage for Children

26.1-36.6. Self-Insurance Health Plans

26.1-36.7. Reinsurance Association

26.1-36.8. Short-Term Limited-Duration Health Insurance Plans

26.1-36.9. Dental Benefit Plans

26.1-36.10. Prescription Drug Costs

26.1-37. Credit Insurance

26.1-38. Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association [Repealed]

26.1-38.1. Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association

26.1-39. Property and Casualty Insurance

26.1-39.1. Property and Casualty Insurance Certificates

26.1-39.2. Residential Contractor Contracts

26.1-40. Automobile Insurance and Warranties

26.1-40.1. Transportation Network Company Insurance

26.1-41. Auto Accident Reparations

26.1-42. Insurance Guaranty Association [Repealed]

26.1-42.1. Insurance Guaranty Association

26.1-43. Legal Expense Insurance

26.1-44. Surplus Lines Insurance

26.1-45. Long-Term Care Insurance

26.1-45.1. Partnership for Long-Term Care Program [Repealed]

26.1-46. Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups

26.1-47. Preferred Provider Organizations

26.1-48. Aircraft Aftermarket Risk Contracts and Insurance

26.1-49. Health Provider Cooperatives

26.1-50. North Dakota Low-Risk Incentive Fund

26.1-51. Self-Critical Insurance Analysis Privilege

26.1-52. Property Insurance Placement Facility

26.1-53. Discount Medical Plans [Repealed]

26.1-53.1. Discount Plans

26.1-54. American Health Benefit Exchange

26.1-55. Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits

26.1-57. Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers

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