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Title 19 Foods, Drugs, Oils, and Compounds

19-01. Administration

19-02. Food and Drug Law [Repealed]

19-02.1. North Dakota Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act

19-03. Narcotics [Repealed]

19-03.1. Uniform Controlled Substances Act

19-03.2. Imitation Controlled Substances

19-03.3. Controlled Substances for Care and Treatment

19-03.4. Drug Paraphernalia

19-03.5. Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

19-03.6. Pharmacy Records Audits

19-04. Poisons and Deleterious Preparations

19-05. Oleomargarine [Repealed]

19-05.1. Food Donated to Charity

19-06. Imitation Ice Cream [Repealed]

19-06.1. Honey

19-07. Eggs [Repealed]

19-08. Beverages

19-09. Cosmetics [Repealed]

19-10. Petroleum Products [Repealed]

19-11. Paints, Varnishes, and Linseed Oils [Repealed]

19-12. Insecticides and Fungicides [Repealed]

19-13. Commercial Feeding Stuffs [Repealed]

19-13.1. North Dakota Commercial Feed Law [Repealed]

19-14. Livestock Medicine [Repealed]

19-15. Commercial Fertilizers [Repealed]

19-16. Antifreeze [Repealed]

19-16.1. Antifreeze Regulation [Repealed]

19-17. Flour and Bread Standards

19-18. Pesticide Registration [Repealed]

19-19. Barbiturates [Repealed]

19-20. Commercial Fertilizers [Repealed]

19-20.1. Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Law [Repealed]

19-20.2. Anhydrous Ammonia Facilities [Repealed]

19-20.3. Anhydrous Ammonia Risk Management [Repealed]

19-21. Labeling of Hazardous Substances

19-22. Labeling of Potatoes as to Grade

19-22.1. Sale of Artificially Colored Potatoes

19-23. Food Provider Limited Liability for Obesity

19-24. North Dakota Compassionate Care Act [Repealed]

19-24.1. Medical Marijuana

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