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Title 15 Education

15-01. Board of University and School Lands

15-02. Commissioner of University and School Lands

15-03. Investment of Funds

15-04. Leases of Original Grant Lands for Agricultural Purposes

15-05. Leasing Coal, Oil, Gas, and Other Rights

15-06. Sale of Original Grant Lands

15-07. Sale and Lease of Nongrant Lands

15-08. Provisions Relating to Original Grant and to Nongrant Lands

15-08.1. Transfer of Possessory Interests in Realty

15-08.2. Transfer of Possessory Interests in Sovereign Lands [Repealed]

15-09. Condemnation of Public Lands and Sales in Lieu Thereof

15-10. The State Board of Higher Education

15-10.1. Reciprocal Higher Education Agreements

15-10.2. Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact [Repealed]

15-10.3. Student Fees

15-10.4. Campus Free Speech Policy

15-10.5. Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact

15-11. State University and School of Mines

15-12. State University of Agriculture and Applied Science

15-12.1. Agriculture Experiment Station and Agricultural Research

15-13. State Normal Schools

15-14. State Normal and Industrial School [Repealed]

15-15. School of Science

15-16. School of Forestry

15-17. Institutional Holding Associations

15-18. Junior Colleges

15-18.1. Postsecondary Education Institution Minimum Standards

15-18.2. State Aid for Institutions of Higher Education

15-19. Distance Education

15-20. Vocational Education and Rehabilitation [Repealed]

15-20.1. Career and Technical Education

15-20.2. Area Career and Technology Centers

15-20.3. Postsecondary Education Commission [Repealed]

15-20.4. Postsecondary Educational Institutions

15-21. Superintendent of Public Instruction [Repealed]

15-21.1. Chemical Abuse Prevention Programs [Repealed]

15-21.2. Career Guidance and Development Programs [Repealed]

15-21.3. Comprehensive Health Education [Disapproved by Referendum]

15-22. County Superintendent of Schools [Repealed]

15-23. Organization, Division, and Consolidation of School Districts [Repealed]

15-24. Common School District Elections [Repealed]

15-25. Powers and Duties of Common School District Officers [Repealed]

15-26. School Buildings and Sites [Repealed]

15-27. Organization and Dissolution of Public School Districts [Repealed]

15-27.1. Restructuring of School Districts - General Provisions [Repealed]

15-27.2. Annexation of School Districts [Repealed]

15-27.3. Reorganization of School Districts [Repealed]

15-27.4. Dissolution of School Districts [Repealed]

15-27.5. Military Installation School District [Repealed]

15-27.6. School District Boundary Restructuring [Repealed]

15-27.7. School District Cooperative Arrangement [Repealed]

15-28. Public School District Elections [Repealed]

15-29. Powers and Duties of Public School District Officers [Repealed]

15-30. Organization of Independent School Districts [Repealed]

15-31. Independent School District Elections [Repealed]

15-32. Powers and Duties of Independent School District Officers [Repealed]

15-33. School Districts Operating Under Special Laws [Repealed]

15-34. Compulsory Attendance and Transportation [Repealed]

15-34.1. Compulsory School Attendance [Repealed]

15-34.2. Transportation of Students [Repealed]

15-35. School Buildings [Repealed]

15-36. Teachers' Certification [Repealed]

15-37. Teachers' Oaths [Repealed]

15-38. Teachers' Duties [Repealed]

15-38.1. Teachers' Representation and Negotiation [Repealed]

15-38.2. Teachers' Personnel Files [Repealed]

15-39. Teachers' Insurance and Retirement Fund [Repealed]

15-39.1. Teachers' Fund for Retirement

15-39.2. Teacher Retirement Options

15-40. State School Aid [Repealed]

15-40.1. State School Aid [Repealed]

15-40.2. Transfer of Students and Nonresident Tuition [Repealed]

15-40.3. Open Enrollment [Repealed]

15-41. High Schools [Repealed]

15-41.1. Postsecondary Enrollment Options Program [Repealed]

15-42. County Agricultural and Training Schools [Repealed]

15-43. Textbooks and Fees [Repealed]

15-44. School Funds [Repealed]

15-45. Kindergartens [Repealed]

15-46. Adult Education [Repealed]

15-47. General Provisions [Repealed]

15-48. Elections to Increase Debt Limits [Repealed]

15-49. Penalties, Fines, and Forfeitures [Repealed]

15-50. Trade and Correspondence Schools [Repealed]

15-51. Board of Education of the City of Fargo [Repealed]

15-52. State Medical Center

15-53. Reorganization of School Districts [Repealed]

15-53.1. Restructuring of Public School Districts [Repealed]

15-54. Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs [Repealed]

15-54.1. University System Capital Building Fund

15-55. Construction of Revenue-Producing Buildings

15-55.1. Higher Education Facilities Bonds [Unconstitutional]

15-56. County Tuition Fund [Repealed]

15-57. Teacher Preparation Scholarships [Repealed]

15-58. County High School Equalization Fund [Repealed]

15-59. Special Education of Children [Repealed]

15-59.1. County Special Education Program [Repealed]

15-59.2. Multidistrict Special Education Programs [Repealed]

15-59.3. Boarding Home Care for Students with Disabilities [Repealed]

15-60. State School Construction Fund [Repealed]

15-61. Surplus Property Director [Repealed]

15-62. Scholarship Loans [Repealed]

15-62.1. Guarantee Loan Program

15-62.2. Student Financial Assistance and Scholars Program [Repealed]

15-62.3. Tuition Assistance Grant Program [Repealed]

15-62.4. Student Financial Assistance Program

15-62.5. Scholars Program

15-63. Indian Scholarships

15-64. Compact for Education [Repealed]

15-65. Educational Telecommunications Council [Repealed]

15-66. Regional Medical Education Board [Repealed]

15-67. Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act [Repealed]

15-68. Indian Cultural Education Trust

15-68.1. American Indian Language Preservation

15-69. Centers of Excellence [Repealed]

15-70. Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance

15-71. Biomass Energy Center

15-72. Coal Mine Reclamation Trust

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