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Title 54 State Government

54-01. Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of State

54-01.1. Relocation Assistance

54-02. State Emblems, Symbols, and Awards

54-03. Legislative Assembly

54-03.1. Organizational Session

54-03.2. Conduct of Legislative Investigations

54-03.3. Compact for a Balanced Budget

54-04. Engrossing and Enrolling Legislative Bills [Repealed]

54-05. Legislative Lobbying [Repealed]

54-05.1. Legislative Lobbying

54-06. General Provisions

54-07. Governor

54-08. Lieutenant Governor

54-09. Secretary of State

54-10. State Auditor

54-11. State Treasurer

54-12. Attorney General

54-13. Board of Auditors [Repealed]

54-14. Claims Against State - Office of the Budget

54-15. State Budget Board [Repealed]

54-16. Emergency Commission

54-17. Industrial Commission

54-17.1. Vietnam Veterans' Bonus Bond Issue [Repealed]

54-17.2. North Dakota Building Authority

54-17.3. Paleontological Resource Protection

54-17.4. Geological Survey

54-17.5. Lignite Research, Development and Marketing

54-17.6. Oil and Gas Research Council

54-17.7. Pipeline Authority

54-17.8. Outdoor Heritage Fund

54-18. North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association

54-19. State Industrial Alcohol Plant [Repealed]

54-20. Electrical Enterprise of State [Repealed]

54-21. State Offices, Capitol, and Capitol Grounds

54-21.1. Uniform Standards Code for Mobile Homes [Repealed]

54-21.2. Energy Conservation Standards in New Building Construction

54-21.3. State Building Code

54-21.4. Interstate Compact on Industrialized or Modular Buildings

54-22. Purchasing Agent [Repealed]

54-23. Institutions Under Control of Director of Institutions [Repealed]

54-23.1. State Communications System [Repealed]

54-23.2. State Radio Broadcasting System [Repealed]

54-23.3. Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

54-23.4. Crime Victims Compensation

54-24. State Library Commission

54-24.1. Interstate Library Compact

54-24.2. State Aid to Public Libraries

54-24.3. Regional Library Cooperatives

54-24.4. Library Coordinating Council

54-25. State Institutions - Regulation as to Sale and Use of Dairy Products [Repealed]

54-26. State Census [Repealed]

54-27. Fiscal Administration

54-27.1. Federal Aid Coordinator [Repealed]

54-27.2. Budget Stabilization Fund

54-28. Capitol Building Certificates [Omitted]

54-29. State Bonds, General Provisions

54-30. Bonds of North Dakota, Real Estate Series

54-31. Bonds of North Dakota, Mill and Elevator Series [Repealed]

54-32. North Dakota Mill and Elevator Refunding Bonds [Repealed]

54-33. Postwar Planning Board [Repealed]

54-34. Economic Development

54-34.1. State Planning Division [Repealed]

54-34.2. Indian Development Fund [Repealed]

54-34.3. Division of Economic Development and Finance

54-34.4. Division of Tourism

54-35. Legislative Management

54-35.1. Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee [Repealed]

54-35.2. State Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations

54-36. Indian Affairs Commission

54-37. Veterans Adjusted Compensation Bonds [Omitted]

54-38. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

54-39. Korean Conflict Bonus Bond Issue [Omitted]

54-40. Joint Exercise of Governmental Powers

54-40.1. Regional Planning Councils

54-40.2. Agreements Between Public Agencies and Indian Tribes

54-40.3. Joint Powers Agreements

54-40.4. County-City Home Rule

54-40.5. Local Government Powers Transfer

54-41. North Dakota Coat of Arms

54-42. North Dakota Merit System Council [Repealed]

54-43. Theodore Roosevelt Centennial Commission [Omitted]

54-44. Office of Management and Budget

54-44.1. Office of the Budget

54-44.2. Information Services Division [Repealed]

54-44.3. Central Personnel System

54-44.4. State Purchasing Practices

54-44.5. Division of Community Services

54-44.6. Forms Management

54-44.7. Architect, Engineer, and Land Surveying Services

54-44.8. Communications-Impaired Telecommunications Services

54-45. Civil Air Patrol

54-46. Records Management

54-46.1. Central Microfilm Unit

54-47. Continuity of Government, Executive, Judiciary, and Political Subdivisions [Repealed]

54-48. Continuity of Government, Legislative Assembly [Repealed]

54-49. Natural Resources and Environmental Management Council [Repealed]

54-49.1. Natural Resources Council [Repealed]

54-50. Peace Officers' Commission [Repealed]

54-51. Interchange of Government Employees

54-52. Public Employees Retirement System

54-52.1. Uniform Group Insurance Program

54-52.2. Deferred Compensation Plan for Public Employees

54-52.3. Pretax Benefits Program

54-52.4. State Employee Leave Policies

54-52.5. State Retirement and Investment Office

54-52.6. Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

54-53. Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute

54-54. Council on the Arts

54-55. Commission on Uniform State Laws

54-56. Children's Services Coordinating Committee [Repealed]

54-57. Office of Administrative Hearings

54-58. Tribal-State Gaming Compact

54-59. Information Technology Department

54-59.1. Cybersecurity Incident Reporting Requirements

54-60. Department of Commerce

54-60.1. Business Incentives, Agreements, and Reports

54-60.2. Workforce Development Grant for Tribally Controlled Community Colleges

54-60.3. Agricultural Products Utilization Commission [Repealed]

54-61. Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents

54-62. Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

54-63. Renewable Energy Council

54-63.1. Clean Sustainable Energy Authority

54-64. Individual Development Accounts

54-65. Centers of Research Excellence [Repealed]

54-66. State Government Ethics

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