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Title 47 Property

47-01. General Provisions

47-02. Classification of Ownership

47-03. Accumulations of Property

47-04. Estates in Real Property

47-04.1. Condominium Ownership of Real Property

47-05. Servitudes

47-06. Real Estate Title by Occupancy and Accession

47-07. Personal or Movable Property - General Provisions

47-08. Accession to Personal Property

47-09. Title by Transfer - General Provisions

47-10. Real Property Transfers

47-10.1. Agricultural Land Ownership by Aliens

47-10.2. Escrow Accounts

47-11. Personal Property Transfers

47-11.1. Uniform Disclaimer Under Nontestamentary Instruments Act [Repealed]

47-12. Loans of Personal Property for Use

47-13. Loans of Personal Property for Exchange

47-14. Loans of Money

47-15. Hiring of Personal Property

47-15.1. Consumer Rental Purchase Agreement

47-16. Leasing of Real Property

47-17. Termination of Estates

47-18. Homestead

47-19. Record Title

47-19.1. Marketable Record Title

47-20. Landmarks [Repealed]

47-20.1. Survey and Corner Recordation Act

47-20.2. Plane Coordinates

47-21. Copyrights

47-21.1. Sound Recordings

47-21.2. Royalties Contracts

47-22. Trademarks

47-23. Trademarks - State Laboratories Department [Repealed]

47-24. North Dakota Uniform Gifts to Minors Act [Repealed]

47-24.1. Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

47-25. Trade Names

47-25.1. Trade Secrets

47-26. Partition Fences

47-27. Closing Fence Gates

47-28. Patents by Institutions of Higher Learning [Repealed]

47-29. Recording Master Mortgage

47-30. Abandoned and Unclaimed Property [Repealed]

47-30.1. Uniform Unclaimed Property Act [Repealed]

47-30.2. Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act

47-31. Subsurface Pore Space Policy

47-32. Eviction

47-33. Private Transfer Fee Obligation Prohibition

47-34. Real Estate Transaction Good Funds

47-35. Security Interest in Rents

47-36. Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act

47-37. Uniform Environmental Covenants Act

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