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Title 40 Municipal Government

40-01. General Provisions

40-01.1. Local Governance Advisory Study

40-02. Incorporation of Municipalities in Unorganized Territory

40-03. Council Cities, Procedure for Incorporation [Repealed]

40-03.1. Change from Council System to Commission System

40-03.2. Change from Council System to Modern Council System

40-04. Commission Cities, Incorporation and Change

40-04.1. Modern Council Form of Government

40-05. Powers of Municipalities

40-05.1. Home Rule in Cities

40-06. Governing Body in Municipalities, General Provisions

40-07. Villages, Governing Body and Other Officers [Repealed]

40-08. Governing Body and Executive Officer in Council Cities

40-09. Governing Body and Executive Officer in Commission Cities

40-10. City Manager Plan

40-11. Ordinances

40-12. Initiative and Referendum

40-13. General Provisions Governing Officers in Municipalities

40-14. Officers in Council Cities, General

40-15. Officers in Commission Cities, General

40-16. City Auditor

40-17. City Treasurer [Repealed]

40-18. Municipal Judges

40-19. Assessors

40-20. City Attorney, Engineer, Chief of Police, and Police Officers

40-21. Municipal Elections

40-22. Improvements by Special Assessment Method

40-22.1. Special Assessments for Promotion of Business Activity

40-23. Assessment of Benefits

40-23.1. Alternative Allocation of Special Assessments

40-24. Special Assessment Funds and Disbursements Thereof

40-25. Collection of Special Assessments - Obligations of Municipality

40-26. Correction, Reassessments, and Fund Deficiencies

40-27. Funding and Refunding Special Assessment Warrants

40-28. Service Connections

40-29. Sidewalks

40-30. Special Streetlighting in Cities

40-31. Construction and Repair of Curbing and Gutters in Cities

40-32. Boulevards in Cities and Park Districts

40-33. Municipal Utilities

40-33.1. Municipal Steam Heating Authorities

40-33.2. Municipal Power Agencies

40-33.3. Municipal Pipeline Authorities

40-34. Sewage and Garbage Disposal

40-35. Revenue Bond Law

40-36. Revenue Bond Refinancing Law

40-37. Levy for Municipal Band

40-38. Public Libraries

40-38.1. Municipal Arts Council

40-39. Opening and Vacating Streets, Alleys, and Public Places

40-40. Municipal Budget Law

40-41. Board of Budget Review [Repealed]

40-42. Claims for Injuries on Streets

40-43. Payment and Compromise of Judgments

40-44. Civil Service in Cities

40-45. Police Pensions in Cities

40-46. Employees' Pensions in Cities

40-47. City Zoning

40-48. Municipal Master Plans and Planning Commissions

40-49. Parks and Park Districts

40-49.1. Boards of Park Commissioners Combination

40-50. Platting Townsites and Correction and Vacation of Plats [Repealed]

40-50.1. Platting of Townsites

40-51. Inclusion of and Exclusion of Territory [Repealed]

40-51.1. Annexation and Exclusion of Territory [Repealed]

40-51.2. Annexation and Exclusion of Territory

40-52. Changes in Wards

40-53. Changing Names and Dissolution of Villages [Repealed]

40-53.1. Dissolution of Cities

40-53.2. Consolidation of Cities

40-54. Gravel Surfacing City Streets

40-55. Public Recreation System

40-56. Residential Paving Projects

40-57. Municipal Industrial Development Act

40-57.1. Tax Exemptions for New and Expanding Businesses

40-57.2. Industrial Planning Surveys and Vocational Training

40-57.3. City Lodging Tax

40-57.4. City Job Development Authorities

40-58. Urban Renewal Law

40-59. Municipal Memorial Levy

40-60. Promotion and Acquisition of Municipal Parking Facilities

40-61. Municipal Parking Authority Act

40-62. City Pedestrian Mall Improvements

40-63. Renaissance Zones

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