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Title 39 Motor Vehicles

39-01. Definitions and General Provisions

39-02. Department to Register Motor Vehicles

39-03. Highway Patrol

39-03.1. Highway Patrolmen's Retirement System

39-04. Motor Vehicle Registration

39-04.1. Additional Fee for Transportation of Property [Repealed]

39-04.2. Public Transportation

39-05. Title Registration

39-06. Operators' Licenses

39-06.1. Disposition of Traffic Offenses

39-06.2. Commercial Driver's Licenses

39-07. General Regulations Governing Traffic

39-08. Regulations Governing Operators

39-09. Speed Restrictions

39-10. General Rules of the Road

39-10.1. Bicycles

39-10.2. Motorcycles

39-10.3. Experimental Vehicles

39-11. Equipment of Vehicles [Repealed]

39-12. Size, Width, and Height Restrictions

39-13. Traffic Signs

39-14. Financial Responsibility of Owners and Operators [Repealed]

39-15. Guest Law [Repealed]

39-16. Financial Responsibility of Owners and Operators

39-16.1. Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future

39-16.2. Gas Transporter Financial Responsibility

39-17. Unsatisfied Judgment Fund [Repealed]

39-18. Mobile Home Dealer Regulation

39-19. Reciprocity Agreements, Arrangements, or Declarations

39-20. Chemical Test for Intoxication, Implied Consent

39-21. Equipment of Vehicles

39-21.1. Random Motor Vehicle Maintenance [Repealed]

39-22. Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing

39-22.1. Trailer Dealer's Licensing and Bonding

39-22.2. Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealers' Licensing [Repealed]

39-22.3. Motor-Powered Recreational Vehicle Dealers

39-23. Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact [Repealed]

39-24. Regulation and Registration of Snowmobiles

39-24.1. Snowmobile Operator Regulation

39-25. Regulation of Commercial Driver Training

39-26. Abandoned Motor Vehicles [Repealed]

39-27. Motorcycle Equipment

39-28. Motorcycle Safety Education

39-29. Off-Highway Vehicles

39-29.1. Low-Speed Vehicles

39-29.2. Unconventional Vehicles

39-30. Motor Vehicle Chop Shops

39-31. Common Household Goods Carriers

39-32. Intrastate Commercial Driver Hours of Service

39-33. Driver and Motor Vehicle Record Privacy

39-34. Transportation Company Networks

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