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37-07.1-01. Legislative intent and purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to recognize the vital role of the national guard in the state. While the national guard is subject to federal control during periods of national emergency, it is organized, trained, and equipped to perform military functions and to aid civil authorities in the protection of life and property while it is subject to the control of the state. The purpose of this chapter is to encourage voluntary membership in the guard, improve the educational level of its members, and thereby benefit the state as a whole.


37-07.1-02. Definitions.

As used in this chapter, unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires:

1. “School” means any university, college, career and technical education school, technical school, or postsecondary educational institution.

2. “State-controlled school” means any school which is controlled, financially supported, and operated by the state, a school district, or any other political subdivision.

3. “Tuition” means the normal registration fee.


37-07.1-03. Tuition waiver - Terms.

A qualifying member of the national guard who enrolls in any state-controlled school, subject to rules adopted by the adjutant general, is entitled to receive a thirty-five percent waiver of the tuition from the state-controlled school, conditioned on the adjutant general having sufficient appropriations for tuition reimbursement under section 37-07.1-06.2. The tuition waiver is valid only so long as the member of the national guard maintains satisfactory performance with the guard, meets the qualification requirements of rules adopted by the adjutant general, and pursues a course of study in a manner that satisfies the normal requirements of the school.


37-07.1-04. Limitations.

Repealed by S.L. 1983, ch. 389, SS 2.


37-07.1-05. Application for waiver.

It is the responsibility of the member of the national guard to request the waiver of tuition fees on an application provided by the adjutant general. The application must be completed at the time of enrollment for each semester or academic term for which a waiver is requested, or upon initial appointment into the national guard.


37-07.1-06. Tuition - Assistance payments.

Repealed by S.L. 1995, ch. 351, SS 4.


37-07.1-06.1. North Dakota national guard tuition fund.

Repealed by S.L. 2009, ch. 301, SS 3.


37-07.1-06.2. Tuition reimbursement - Payments.

The adjutant general shall make tuition reimbursement payments, within the limits of legislative appropriations, for each qualifying member of the national guard enrolled in any state-controlled school who receives a tuition waiver provided in section 37-07.1-03.


37-07.1-07. Regulations.

The adjutant general may adopt, amend, and rescind any national guard regulations pursuant to chapter 28-32 deemed necessary to implement and administer this chapter.


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