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Title 23 Health and Safety

23-01. State Department of Health

23-01.1. Health Care Data Committee

23-01.2. Trauma and Emergency Medical System

23-01.3. Health Information Protection

23-02. Registration of Births and Deaths [Repealed]

23-02.1. Health Statistics Act

23-03. County Board of Health [Repealed]

23-04. Organization of City Board of Health [Repealed]

23-05. Powers and Duties of Local Boards of Health [Repealed]

23-06. Care and Custody of Dead

23-06.1. Uniform Anatomical Gift Act [Repealed]

23-06.2. Uniform Anatomical Gift Act [Repealed]

23-06.3. Uniform Determination of Death Act

23-06.4. Uniform Rights of Terminally Ill Act [Repealed]

23-06.5. Health Care Directives

23-06.6. Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

23-07. Reportable Diseases

23-07.1. Tuberculosis Treatment

23-07.2. Hemophilia Assistance

23-07.3. Notification of Exposure to Infectious Diseases [Repealed]

23-07.4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Health Procedures

23-07.5. Bloodborne Pathogen Testing

23-07.6. Communicable Disease Confinement Procedure

23-07.7. Court-Ordered Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

23-08. Sterilization [Repealed]

23-09. Food and Lodging Establishments and Assisted Living Facilities

23-09.1. Bed and Breakfast Facilities

23-09.2. Food Preparer Education

23-09.3. Basic Care Facilities

23-09.4. Residential Care for Autistic Children

23-09.5. Cottage Food Production and Sales

23-10. Mobile Home Parks, Trailer Parks, and Campgrounds

23-11. Housing Authorities Law

23-12. Public Health, Miscellaneous Provisions

23-13. Safety Regulations

23-14. Health Districts [Repealed]

23-15. Fireworks

23-15.1. Model Rockets

23-16. Licensing Medical Hospitals

23-16.1. Medical Hospital Receivership

23-17. Licensing Chiropractic Hospitals

23-17.1. Licensing Addiction Hospitals [Repealed]

23-17.2. Certification of Need for Expansion of Hospital Facilities [Repealed]

23-17.3. Home Health Agency Licensure

23-17.4. Hospice Programs

23-17.5. Health Care Provider Cooperative Agreements [Repealed]

23-17.6. Extended Stay Center Registration

23-17.7. Residential End-of-Life Facility Regulation

23-18. County Hospital Associations

23-18.1. County Clinic Associations [Repealed]

23-18.2. County Nursing Homes [Repealed]

23-19. Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Privies - Regulation [Repealed]

23-20. Radiation [Repealed]

23-20.1. Ionizing Radiation Development [Repealed]

23-20.2. Disposal of Nuclear and Other Waste Material [Repealed]

23-20.3. Hazardous Waste Management [Repealed]

23-20.4. Low-Level Radioactive Waste [Repealed]

23-20.5. Low-Level Radioactive Waste [Repealed]

23-21. Disinterment and Removal of Bodies in Cemeteries

23-21.1. Cemetery Organizations

23-22. Rabies Control Committee [Repealed]

23-23. Cancer Cures or Treatments

23-23.1. Laetrile

23-24. Vector Control Districts

23-25. Air Pollution Control [Repealed]

23-26. Water Distribution and Wastewater Systems Operators [Repealed]

23-27. Emergency Medical Services Operations Licenses

23-27.1. Emergency Medical Services Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact

23-28. Uniform Duties to Disabled Persons

23-29. Solid Waste Management and Land Protection [Repealed]

23-29.1. Municipal Waste Landfill Release Compensation Fund [Repealed]

23-30. Hospital Districts

23-31. Environmental Emergency Costs [Repealed]

23-32. Plastic Products Degradation and Labeling [Repealed]

23-33. Ground Water Protection [Repealed]

23-34. Medical Peer Review Records

23-35. Public Health Units

23-35.1. Regional Public Health Networks

23-36. Rabies Control

23-37. Petroleum Release Remediation [Repealed]

23-38. Community Health Grant Program [Repealed]

23-38.1. Cardiac Ready Community Grant Program

23-39. Tanning Facilities

23-40. Emergency Medical Services Allocations [Repealed]

23-41. Children With Special Health Care Needs

23-42. Tobacco Prevention and Control Program [Repealed]

23-43. Stroke Centers and Care

23-44. Nurse Aide Registry

23-45. Umbilical Cord Blood Disposition

23-46. Emergency Medical Services

23-47. Acute Cardiovascular Emergency Medical System

23-48. Experimental Drugs

23-49. Hospital Discharge Policies

23-50. Drug Fatalities Review Panel

23-51. Maternal Mortality Review Committee

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